Egg’s Nest is Now Part of SeedTrust!

We are pleased to announce that Egg’s Nest has merged with SeedTrust Escrow!

SeedTrust is a global escrow fund manager that maintains the leading technology platform in the industry. Built from the ground up to service surrogacy and egg donation journeys, the platform provides a seamless, efficient experience. The platform’s security features include a fully HIPAA compliant interface, secure internal messaging, bank level security features that protect your information and insurance coverage that covers 100% of client funds.

This merger will build upon Egg’s Nest core principles and values and will provide numerous benefits to agencies and clients. It will also combine the best aspects of both companies. SeedTrust brings 40+ years of legal and accounting experience, a cutting-edge technology platform, and a team-based approach to every case file. Egg’s Nest brings its strong reputation, personal insights, and personalized care. These combined attributes will create a stronger, more streamlined experience for our clients and agency partners.

Moving forward, the Egg’s Nest team will continue to be part of the company, providing guidance and support both during and after the transition as we work toward our collective goal of providing the best service to our clients and partners while keeping transparency, security, and accountability at the forefront.

If you have any questions about the upcoming changes, please do not hesitate to call or email. On behalf of Egg’s Nest and SeedTrust, we wish everyone a happy and successful new year!