Happy Holidays from SeedTrust & Orchid Teams

Season’s greetings, friends and colleagues!

We wanted to take this time to express our sincere appreciation for the incredible work that you do helping people pursue their dreams of growing their families.

Your dedication and support over the past year enabled SeedTrust to make another $5,000 donation to the amazing Baby Quest Foundation, which helped two more couples continue their journey to parenthood. You can read more about each of these deserving couples below.

As we look to the future, we’re excited to continue our shared commitment to creating new beginnings and elevating our industry.

From our SeedTrust and Orchid Family to yours – Happy Holidays!

SeedTrust Agency Partner Grant Recipients

Kimberly and Ian Paur

Kimberly & Ian – Utah

Hello! We are Kim and Ian and we currently live in Utah! We love the great outdoors, traveling, and going on adventures together with our two dogs. We have been married for 13 years and we have been hoping for a baby to join our adventures since then.

We have had 8 losses, with no clear cause/answer and we have tried and exhausted all the tests, medications, and procedures to carry a baby on our own. Although our losses were during the first trimester, we were able to see and/or hear all their amazing heartbeats and have a cute picture of each of them except for our first one.

To honor our past babies, I would like to share the names we called them from the moment we knew they were a part of our lives. Each name is unique with its own special meaning. Here are their names respectively – Turkey, Jitterbug, Orange, Heart (M), Bashful Littlefoot (M), Manhattan (M), Eleven (M), and Mung Bean (F).

At this point in our journey, we are turning to surrogacy to have our rainbow baby and we are beyond grateful to be chosen as recipients of the Baby Quest grant.

SeedTrust Agency Partner Grant Recipients

Christina and Peter

Christina & PJ – Rhode Island

We are so thrilled to start our surrogacy journey with the help of Baby Quest! In 2016, I underwent open-heart surgery for an aneurysm and faulty valve which saved my life but resulted in my never being able to carry a baby.  We were determined to start a family and went through IVF in 2019 to freeze our embryos.

Since then, we’ve been preparing and working towards starting our surrogacy journey and now we have found our surrogate and are ready to start the process!!

We are grateful for this gift and hopeful for the future!