Our Commitment During COVID-19

With the ongoing spread of COVID-19 and the incredible speed at which global health policies are changing, we at SeedTrust have been working diligently to adapt our operations to serve our clients. We understand that this situation is unsettling; however, our clients need not worry about their funds in our care. All funds are fully secured and details of such are always available on SeedTrust’s HIPAA-compliant platform.
Our team will continue to do all we can to support our clients through these challenging times. We are fully staffed and ready to handle anything our clients need for management of their escrow funds.
SeedTrust has always been proactive in securing our clients funds, and to that end, measures are already in place to ensure the company is adequately capitalized in any scenario. Even in the event of a prolonged nationwide quarantine, we will maintain our entire staff and normal operations. In other words, SeedTrust is financially secure and we will be here, no matter what the future brings.
For any questions or concerns, we can always be reached by phone at (888) 223-9818 or by email at info@seedtrustescrow.com.
This is a critical moment in the world. While miles and varying time zones separate us, we’re all in this together; we care deeply about the welfare of our clients, our friends, our families and all of those who are being affected by this virus.
We wish you and your families well during this stressful time.

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