Denise Steele

Denise Steele, ART Escrow Consultant, is a market development expert whose personal experiences have afforded her a deep understanding of both technology and fertility processes. Having welcomed 3 children through assisted reproductive collaborations and adoption, she is cognizant of the fact that intended parents deserve to be protected, granted whatever control is possible, and given full transparency throughout their journeys.

Professionally, Denise has been a consultant for several nationally recognized fertility and parenting organizations such as FertilityAuthority, MommyNearest, and Neighborhood Parenting Network. Her blog,, shares insights and provides support to those facing infertility. In 2017, she joined ConceiveAbilites, serving as the company’s Clinic Liaison and Account Strategist. In her role as Clinic Liaison, she established partnerships with clinics around the country and helped to develop new product lines which created more options for intended parents struggling to grow their own families, while her position as Account Strategist afforded her the opportunity of overseeing the overhaul the company’s CRM system.

In 2019, Denise joined SeedTrust as a consultant, where she is the leader of business development and marketing strategies. Denise is passionate about helping agencies and clinics grow their businesses and believes that by providing a secure, easy-to-use online platform for case managers, surrogates, egg donors, and intended parents to manage their journeys, SeedTrust allows them to focus on what they do best — growing families.

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