SeedTrust Escrow Credit Card Programs: The Easiest and Most Secure Way to Make Payments

The SeedTrust Escrow Agency Credit Card and Insurance Credit Card programs offer the perfect solution for surrogacy agencies seeking a time-saving and convenient way to manage client payments.

Not only are these cards incredibly easy to use, but they also reduce the time-consuming reimbursement and reconciliation work for agencies and significantly reduce the risk of insurance loss.

Read on to learn more about how SeedTrust Escrow Credit Cards can help you save time and keep your clients’ funds safe.

New Surrogacy Case Insurance Credit Card Program

The SeedTrust Surrogacy Case Insurance Credit Card is a safer and easier way to pay your Surrogates’ health insurance premiums automatically and reliably.

Our Insurance Credit Card Program aims to reduce risk, alleviate reconciliation work, and revolutionize how our industry pays surrogate health insurance premiums. Moving forward, all Surrogacy Cases opened with SeedTrust will be assigned a case-specific Insurance Credit Card, which will be conveniently accessible on the Case’s Dashboard.

The SeedTrust Team can set this credit card up to automatically pay the Surrogate’s health insurance premiums directly to the insurance provider each month, significantly reducing the risk of policy lapse.

This credit card program makes reconciliations fast and effortless for you and your team. Imagine no more lost checks, reminding the Surrogate to stay on top of payments, or reimbursing and reconciling the Agency’s or Intended Parents’ credit cards each month.

This program eliminates all the hassles, freeing you up to spend more time assisting your clients with their Journey.

Benefits of the SeedTrust Surrogacy Case Insurance Credit Card Program

  • Reduces risk, lowers stress, and saves time – No more late, misplaced, or missed payments!
  • Frees up credit – Eliminates the need for personal or company credit card use to pay for insurance
  • Case-specific cards – Dedicated insurance credit card for each Surrogate within every case file
  • Conveniently located – Cards are created at the start of the Journey and are conveniently located within each case file in the SeedTrust system
  • Linked with leading insurance providers – Leading insurance providers can bind insurance policies directly, reducing work for our agency partners

To utilize the program for one or more of your current or prospective surrogates, please get in touch with the SeedTrust Team at [email protected] or Abby Helmuth at [email protected].

SeedTrust Surrogacy Agency Credit Card Program Enhancements

Additionally, we have enhanced our current Surrogacy Agency Credit Card Program. This program is separate from the new Insurance Credit Card above.

The SeedTrust Agency Credit Card is a better way to pay for costs associated with your journeys. Each card is connected directly to the corresponding case, eliminating the need to reconcile transactions or wait for reimbursement for journey expenses. Having a dedicated card for each Journey makes it easier to reconcile and reduces the time spent tracking charges that did not have the needed disbursement request.

When you enroll in the program, your journeys opened with SeedTrust will be assigned a case-specific Agency Credit Card, which will always be conveniently accessible on the Case’s Dashboard.

Case Managers can use this credit card for travel expenses, monitoring and clinic fees, medications, and many other items directly relating to the journeys. The SeedTrust team handles all accounting and reconciliations, reducing the risk and giving time back to allow our Agency Partners to help more clients.

The SeedTrust Team reconciles the credit card and disbursement request before withdrawing client funds, ensuring that mistakes and discrepancies do not create concern or confusion for the Intended Parents.

Benefits of the SeedTrust Agency Credit Card Program

  • Case-specific cards – each card is connected to only ONE case
  • Saves time reconciling – the SeedTrust team handles it all!
  • No risk to your IPs – escrow funds are not touched until the transaction is verified
  • Frees up your credit – no more worries about reimbursement!

To begin utilizing the program for your surrogacy and donor accounts, contact the SeedTrust Team at [email protected] or Abby Helmuth at [email protected].