SeedTrust Updated Portal Demo for Agencies

SeedTrust is excited to relaunch our HIPAA-compliant escrow platform. The goal of the relaunch was to refresh the platform by providing a more intuitive interface for you, your intended parents, and your surrogates. This video will provide you with a broad overview of the features that will save you time. This new iteration is a lot more mobile-friendly. We will also be releasing an app in the coming months to provide you with even more flexibility.

The main points I’d like to discuss in this video are:

  • Giving you an overview of your new dashboard
  • Going over the new easy-to-navigate tabs that are at the top of every page
  • Showing you how cases are now displayed
  • Taking you through a disbursement request
  • Sharing some new features that include performance and reporting data

Let’s start with your brand new dashboard…

You will notice that it is organized so that you can find the most important details easily. We took all of the feedback you and our other agency partners provided to construct it.

Up on the top left, you can view all of the activity pertaining to your cases. You can also change your direct deposit information easily.

There are tiles here that will allow you to do the following:

  • Submitted Disbursement requests
  • Insufficient Ledgers
  • Unread Messages
  • Cases awaiting funding

You can easily connect to anyone on the SeedTrust side by clicking on their contact information.

Pending disbursement requests are here in the middle of the page towards the bottom.

And now you can search for cases over here to the right based on name, type, state and/or status,

Now let’s move over to the tabs up at the top of every page… 

The information that you are looking for is so much easier to find now.

The tabs up at the top include:

When you click on the “cases” tab, you may further filter them over on the right-hand side.

When you click on the “disbursements” tab, you can now add attachments to them easily.

When you click into your “ledger” tab, you will also be able to filter based on name, type, and status. And when you click on a ledger, you are also given the opportunity to download it.

We currently offer a performance tab and that pertains to your internal team’s performance. This tab is a work in progress. We will continue to adjust the data in this section based on your continued feedback and input.

The reports tab pertains to case data. This reporting feature will allow you to seek out information that applies to your active cases. You can filter by dates and payment types.

And, of course, your message tab allows you to see previous messages and send new ones. Your messages will be directed to your dedicated SeedTrust legal manager or managers.

Let’s take a look at a case…

We’ve done a major reorg on the individual case portion of your side to create better efficiencies.

  • All of the match contact information will be at the top on the left-hand side under “Case details”.
  • The case stage will also be apparent in the case details section
  • From the case details section, you will be able to do 4 important things:
    • Change pregnancy status
    • Upload the contract/GSA
    • Submit a new disbursement request
    • Download the ledger
  • Let’s move to the top right-hand side where 3 important pieces of escrow information are called out. You will see the:
    • Ledger Balance
    • Minimum Balance
    • Remaining Scheduled payments which are tied to the scheduled payment calendar or “SPC” for short.
  • The SPC is created when pregnancy is confirmed and once we receive the contract/GSA. Your dedicated SeedTrust Legal Manager will upload all of the scheduled payment details that are based on the contract and are tied to a date/stage of the journey. Compensation will be noted in the calendar along with other items that are noted in the contract like insurance premium payments, regular or timed expenses, etc.

Towards the middle of the case page, you will see the following:

  • All of the activity tied to the case
  • The contact details of your SeedTrust Escrow team members
  • All of the documents pertaining to the case

At the bottom of the page, you will be able to view:

  • On the first tab, all of the disbursements tied to the case will be accessible
  • On the second tab, the SPC items will be viewable.

Now, in closing, let’s take you through a disbursement request submission:

You can find the disbursement request buttons in 2 places. One is at the top under “case details” and the other is down at the button with the disbursements tab.

We’ve shortened this process from 5 steps down to 3.

You will click on the button and do the following:

  • Select a date
  • Choose whether the payment goes to the surrogate or to another payee
  • Select the Request type
  • Enter the amount
  • Input any relevant information that will make it easy for all of the parties to understand why the DR was submitted
  • You may enter as many line items as are necessary. Please do not do a single submission for multiple items because the details are important in order for us to process the DR quickly.
  • Attach supporting documents
  • Hit submit

This has been a quick demonstration of the refreshed SeedTrust Escrow platform. We always welcome your feedback and suggestions. Your input is key — our goal is to make escrow easy and efficient so that you and your clients can focus on what really matters–growing their families.