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SeedTrust is the leading technology-enabled escrow fund manager for third-party reproductive journeys that utilize surrogacy and egg donation.

At SeedTrust, we endeavor to help families grow and reduce the financial stress of the escrow process. We provide secure, transparent, affordable and reliable escrow services to intended parents, surrogates and egg donors throughout their collaborative reproductive arrangements allowing everyone involved the ability to focus on what matters most — building families.

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The Trusted Way

The Trusted Way podcast brings together experts across the surrogacy and egg donation industry to have thoughtful discussions about how to participate in assisted reproductive technology in an ethical and moral way. Hosted by Abby Helmuth and Zach French from SeedTrust, the leading third party escrow provider dedicated to bringing more transparency and safety to family building.

Each episode features insights from lawyers, doctors, surrogates, intended parents and other professionals. By highlighting best practices and showcasing partners pioneering a better future, The Trusted Way aims to educate and empower those navigating fertility journeys.

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