Merging Expertise: SeedTrust and Stork Escrow Merger

We are happy to announce that Stork Escrow has been acquired by, and merged with, SeedTrust! Stork Escrow has provided secure escrow management with compassionate and personalized client service for over 13 years. Our combined knowledge and resources will allow us to better serve our clients and further our mission of continuing innovation and improvement to provide best-in-class secure third-party escrow management.

Stork Escrow had an exceptional team of dedicated experts with a wealth of knowledge and passion. We are thrilled that Kelly DuMont, Kandi Ricks, and Jamie L. Bunyan Broadwood, Esq., have joined the SeedTrust team. Elizabeth “Liz” Swire Falker, Esq., will resume the full-time practice of reproductive law while remaining an advocate for independent escrow management. She will continue to work within the legal community to ensure people are educated about the escrow management process and to help set best practices. We are excited to welcome these talented individuals to our team and to learn from their experience and best practices.

Liz and Kelly, Co-Founders and Owners of Stork Escrow, decided to merge with SeedTrust instead of pursuing another opportunity for Stork Escrow because of the alignment in values between Stork Escrow and SeedTrust and our shared commitment to setting the bar for best practices for escrow management in the third-party assisted reproduction industry.  Both Stork Escrow and SeedTrust were established to provide safe, secure, and transparent escrow management in surrogacy and egg donation cycles. SeedTrust’s best-in-class technology, security of funds, efficient and attentive service, and large team of experts convinced Liz and Kelly that SeedTrust is the best steward for Stork Escrow’s clients.

Benefits from the Merger

Expertise and Service – Stork Escrow and SeedTrust each have experienced teams with excellent reputations and a strong commitment to providing unparalleled customer service. Stork Escrow (originally known as TSEMCI) was one of the very first escrow management companies established in the third-party assisted reproduction industry. Our teams collectively have successfully managed over thirty thousand surrogacy and egg donation journeys. Now with Kelly DuMont, Jamie L. Bunyan Broadwood, Esq., and Kandi Ricks joining the SeedTrust team, our shared knowledge and experience provides our clients with the largest team of escrow account managers — including an experienced reproductive lawyer and CPAs — in the industry, to guide and support our clients’ needs.

Technology – Stork Escrow and SeedTrust each built and maintained technology platforms to improve our clients’ escrow experience and transparency in the escrow management process. As an innovator in escrow technology, SeedTrust maintains the leading platform and will be integrating aspects of Stork Escrow’s custom platform. Our combined resources and mutual understanding and adoption of technologies will enable even greater innovation and improvement in the escrow experience for agencies, intended parents, surrogates and egg donors.

Financial Security – The merger further increases the financial security SeedTrust offers its clients. Every transaction undergoes a five-step internal review process, scrutinized by a staff of experienced escrow managers overseen by attorneys, and checked by a CPA-led payment, banking, and accounting team. The SeedTrust system and process are underwritten by bonding and insurance providers, offering oversight and allowing us to back all escrow funds with an industry-leading Forty-Four Million Dollar bond. Client held funds are additionally secured by a Two Million Dollar general liability policy, a One Million Dollar errors and omissions policy, and a One Million Dollar cyber incident protection policy.

SeedTrust is excited to embark on a new journey supported by the Stork Escrow Team, arguably one of the oldest, most knowledgeable, and most prestigious escrow management companies servicing our industry. This merger truly creates an unprecedented opportunity for positive growth and expansion of escrow management services in third-party assisted reproduction.