My Surrogacy Escrow Merges with SeedTrust Escrow

SeedTrust Escrow is proud to announce its merger with My Surrogacy Escrow Services.

Company Structure

Tim Sullivan, the owner of My Surrogacy Escrow, will remain on board at SeedTrust Escrow as one of its distinguished Advisory Board Members. His legal and business expertise led to My Surrogacy Escrow’s explosive growth and exemplary fund management.  His past surrogacy journey experience will prove an invaluable addition to the Team as he understands firsthand the Intended Parent experience. Edward Brockschmidt, Roland Salloum and Adam Winder will remain the shareholders and managing directors of SeedTrust Escrow.  The addition of Tim to the SeedTrust Family will expand the Company’s knowledge base and foster a deeper connection with our clients, thereby allowing us to better serve the Assistive Reproductive Technology (ART) Industry.

Most of the existing My Surrogacy Escrow cases will transition over to the SeedTrust Platform. This transition should be wrapped up in the coming days. Cases that are near the end of the journey or choose not to be part of the transition will continue to be managed by the My Surrogacy Escrow Team as My Surrogacy Escrow winds down its independent operations.

Moving forward, My Surrogacy Escrow will be known as SeedTrust Escrow.

Goals of the Deal

SeedTrust and My Surrogacy Escrow share a vision of transparency and security that both Companies wish to see continue to thrive.  Both Companies were born out of a desire to ramp up efficiency, increase oversight, create transparency, and broaden protections for anyone going through a Surrogacy or Egg Donation Journey. Together, we can build on the respective progress made and work to create an even better client experience.

My Surrogacy Escrow clients will instantly receive the following benefits:

  • Fund Safety. 100% of SeedTrust funds are insured, bonded, and securely held in an attorney-managed trust account.
  • Information Security. The SeedTrust online platform utilizes SSL and AES-256 Encryption to ensure online security.
  • Industry-Leading Technology. SeedTrust is the industry leader for tech-enabled escrow fund management.
  • 24/7 access to your entire escrow file –including contract, ledger, and all essential documents.
  • Transactions are processed electronically typically within 24 hours
  • Communication that is thoughtful and responsive along every step of the process.
  • Highly Qualified leadership with 30+ years experience in law, accounting, and banking.

About the Companies

SeedTrust® is the leading technology-enabled escrow fund manager for egg donation and surrogacy. Purpose-driven, SeedTrust endeavors to help families grow.  The SeedTrust online platform reduces the financial stress—making the escrow process secure, transparent, affordable, and reliable—allowing parents and surrogates to focus on the baby.

My Surrogacy Escrow, LLC is a full-service escrow company focused on providing dependable, quick, and personalized services during your reproductive journey. Started in 2018, Tim Sullivan built his reputation by consistently delivering incredible, personalized customer service and creating a secure technology platform his clients came to love.