We really enjoy working with SeedTrust. They are incredibly responsive when we have questions. We did the cost comparison with our previous escrow company and found that clients save with the flat-rate model. Our Intended Parents love having easy online access to their accounts. Being in Hawaii, checks can take a while in the mail, so our Surrogates appreciate having scheduled payments and direct deposit for all their compensation. Our coordinators are getting hours back in their week since they don’t have to mail/scan/fax stacks of paper forms. A win for everyone!

Andrea Hoshmand McAfee

Director, Hawaii Surrogacy Center
I love SeedTrust. My quality of life has actually gone up since we have switched to them.

Katie Diaz

Egg Donor Program Coordinator, San Diego Fertility Clinic
Moving over to SeedTrust has been so great for us! They are an extremely efficient team, always responding very quickly to all communication. Their technology is incredible and unlike any other escrow company I have seen. It really helps make things seamless and easy to manage on our side. If you want your life to be easier and more organized without changing anything you are currently doing, use them!!

Shannon Johnson

Owner, Los Angeles Surrogacy
We love SeedTrust! They are an integral part of the donation team and help make the process run smoothly and efficiently. There are a lot of unpredictable factors with egg donation but knowing we can count on SeedTrust is one thing we can guarantee. Thank you SeedTrust for your great communication, precise accounting, updated technology, and kindness.

Lena Landy

Coordinator, Egg Asiancy
Thank you, SeedTrust for always being so responsive and helpful. It is comforting to know our Intended Parents and Surrogates are in great hands and can easily navigate your user-friendly system.

Leah Potter

Founder, Family Choice Surrogacy
SeedTrust is undeniably the most efficient and user-friendly escrow management company within the industry. We enjoy working with SeedTrust, and so do our Intended Parents, Surrogates and Egg Donors. SeedTrust alleviates any stress for all parties involved! Our team is definitely much more effective with the hands-on assistance, knowledge and professionalism of SeedTrust.

Staci R. Swiderski

CEO and Co-Founder, Family Source Consultants
Since we started referring our clients to SeedTrust in February of 2017, I have been very impressed with the services they offer and the professionalism in which they serve our clients! They have been delightful to work with, and make requesting disbursements an ease. With the new platform, I am able to keep up with all my matches with just a look. Should I ever have a questions I know either Roland, Brock or Adam will be able to help me out. There are not enough words to say how pleased I am with SeedTrust!

Megan Steinecke

Coordinator, Family Source Consultants
When our previous escrow fell apart. SeedTrust picked up the pieces. Their prompt, easy and transparent processes and systems provide clarity and peace of mind through the sometimes uncertainties associated with international surrogacy. I often wonder if Roland and the team ever sleep as they respond to emails and calls round-the-clock and within minutes.


Intended Parents
I appreciated your help and your quick responses to answering any questions I had about the escrow portion of my agreement. You made the process easy to follow and certainly stress-free!


Gestational Surrogate
What impresses me most is that SeedTrust is always highly responsive and attentive to my request. I also like the fact that you kept a very organized and clear ledger, and watch every spending for me according to your contract. I feel very comfortable and safe to have my fund being managed at SeedTrust account.


Intended Parent
We love the technology that you bring to the process to make it efficient and transparent – in fact, it’s the reason we picked SeedTrust!


Intended Parent
We appreciate your service. It’s been one of the few things that’s been easy about our surrogacy so far, and we are grateful. You guys are efficient and convenient to help track costs.


Intended Parents
The SeedTrust team is fantastic! They are always quick to respond and always helpful.


Gestational Surrogate
We are using Seedtrust to make payments to our surrogate. It’s been a great experience and we’re happy for your wonderful service!


Intended Parent
SeedTrust's professionalism and efficiency are unmatched, they are constantly striving towards newer and better technology and are quickly changing our industry standards. I am consistently impressed by our experience.

Melissa Evans

Tiny Sprouts Surrogacy
The best thing about using SeedTrust for escrow is being able to see the escrow balance and a transaction at any time.”

Alice Liang

Founder, Second Chance Surrogacy
SeedTrust has been a tremendous improvement on my workday flow. The system is easy to navigate and they keep improving it. Their support and attention to details are impeccable and I never had payment delay – thank you SeedTrust!!!

Luis Sonsin Jones

Case Manager, Agency for Egg Donor Solutions
As an expectant single parent going through the surrogacy process, I have found SeedTrust to be a most reliable and dependable escrow fund manager. Throught this experience, I have been put at ease by manner in which SeedTrust communicates on the disbursement of funds. I have been impressed with the professionalism displayed, and its overall efficiency in handling escrow. Moveover, SeedTrust’s online platform offers a portal that is easy to navigate, allowing quick access to account information.”


Intended Parent
We are using SeedTrust exclusively going forward. I have been impressed with your responsiveness and overall setup of the online portal and complete transparency of all information contained within. Previously, our company had been using an escrow company that required disbursements via paper check, which was mailed to the payee and required a 2 week turn around process. Due to this fact, disbursement requests were required to be submitted to our agency by the 15th of every month to ensure their payment arrived by the 1st of the following month. Since SeedTrust’s process is so much quicker regarding getting payment to said parties, I am thinking of revising this deadline for submissions to the last day of the calendar month.


Owner, California Agency
Moving over to SeedTrust Escrow Management was THE BEST DECISION EVER! The escrow and all communication was efficiently and thoughtfully handled by the SeedTrust team. We have not fielded a single complaint or assisted with even one hiccup! The SDFC Egg Donor Team cannot thank SeedTrust enough. We are very relieved to be working with SeedTrust. Truly, this was a great move for us. We thank SeedTrust for being FABULOUS!

Jenna Lake

Egg Donor Program Director, San Diego Fertility Clinic
Thank you for your incredible efficiency always! We all appreciate you guys greatly!

Jeanette Passwaters

Director, Circle of Life Surrogacy
Thank you so much for all your hard work and efficiency! I greatly appreciate it!


Gestational Surrogate
We brought our perfect little miracle home last week….! We’ve had a great experience working with you, much better than the last escrow company we engaged with. I am also a small business owner and know that the best advertising is word of mouth so I always refer good sources when I can.


Intended Parent
SeedTrust has proven to be a reliable partner – your team’s professionalism and efficiency in managing the escrow and daily reimbursement have made our life much easier.


Intended Parents
SeedTrust Escrow has been an integral business component of our operations at Surrogacy Partnership, LLC. When we evaluated business partners in terms of escrow companies, SeedTrust checked all of the boxes. SeedTrust Escrow offers clients 24/7 access to their entire escrow file, including the disbursement/reimbursement calendar, copies of contracts, and copies of all related receipts/invoices. Full transparency for both our clients and our agency was a requirement for us when evaluating potential escrow partners and SeedTrust escrow delivers. On the one occasion when I had a billing issue related to one of our client accounts, all executives were within easy reach and addressed my concerns immediately! Edward Brockschmidt and Roland Salloum immediately stepped up to rectify the issue and took care of our concerns within hours. I highly recommend SeedTrust Escrow to all of my fellow colleagues and anyone seeking an independent surrogacy journey as the best escrow company to use bar none.

Christopher Busman

Co-Founder, Surrogacy Partnership, LLC
SeedTrust Escrow has been an incredible addition to our team. The combination of personal services and technology allows our clients to feel confident that their money is being handled appropriately. Their new platform allows everyone on the team to have real-time access to the account, direct deposits to all parties and an efficient way to upload documentation. We have saved time and money and more importantly, added another valuable resource to our clients by using SeedTrust Escrow Services.

Brooke Kimbrough

President and Co-Founder, Roots Surrogacy
Thanks for always responding to emails so incredibly quickly. Its impressive!

Jessica Crosby

Coordinator, Surrogate Steps, LLC
Thank you! We couldn’t be happier with the service that SeedTrust has provided and with your innovative high-tech escrow model/platform. It was exactly what we were looking for. You’ve been outstanding throughout this entire process and we appreciate that tremendously. We have shared our praise for SeedTrust with both our attorney and Donor Concierge (the service we used to match with our surrogate and agency). As we regroup and move forward with a new surrogate, you’ll be hearing from us to set up a new account!


Intended Parents
You guys are so helpful and so easy to work with!


Gestational Surrogate
I commend you on the execution of the new portal! It is fantastic! I really enjoy the ease of use, improved functions and increased visibility of all information. Well done!!!


Owner, California Agency
Honestly, it’s absolutely amazing how simple you have made this part of the process. Thank you so much.


Gestational Surrogate
Deciding on making the move to SeedTrust was one that was done with a bit of apprehension, as we have used the same escrow company since inception. After just a couple of cases, it was evident that we had made the right move. The security in having a 2nd pair of eyes to review and follow the contract gives us peace of mind. Their communication has been quick and right on point. Thank you SeedTrust for the professionalism and care you take with our Intended Parents and Surrogates.

Donna Raidy

CEO, Fertility SOURCE Companies
Seed Trust provides the best escrow services we have used. It is convenient. It helps to create a transparent process that protects the best interest of the intended parents, surrogate mothers, egg donors, and the agencies. The team at Seed Trust is wonderful to work with. They always try to help you solve problems. Smart Surrogacy is a loyal customer of Seed Trust and anticipates to remain that way.

Amber Gilmore

Director, Smart Surrogacy
Thank you for your efficiency! Your Software makes it very easy to navigate and be on top of all accounts at any given time. You always answer every question super fast. We are very happy with your services!!

Yarin Katz

Owner, The Chosen One Egg Donation Agency
In trying to have a child, there are many ways and methods to use. Due to medical needs, my wife and I have used a Gestational Carrier on two separate occasions to have our sons. This required many people, and much coordination. We had the pleasure of using SeedTrust on our second time and could not recommend them more. They were cordial, compassionate, and respectful. Using them ensured that all parties received what that which they were entitled, without overspending in a category. They were a pleasure to work with and are worth the expense to any family needing an escrow company as they continue to grow.


Intended Parents
Just would like to say that I am SO impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of Seed Trust. I am a very happy customer! I cannot praise Jennifer Via enough, she has been wonderful to work with!

Jennifer Busque

Program Manager, Gestational Concepts LLC
You guys are quick! Thank you so much for being so amazing!!!


Coordinator, California Agency
I love how quick you are to have any issues addressed and resolved!


Gestational Surrogate
We work with other Escrow companies and your company by far makes the process much smoother. Hope to work with you for a long time.

Sheri Smith

West Regional Case Manager, Global Surrogacy Services
SeedTrust, simply put, is amazing. The time and detail they put into each customer is more than I have experienced with other escrow companies in this industry. They are attentive, detailed oriented, mindful and receptive. Their online system creates a transparent account for each client, allowing agencies, intended parents and surrogates to have peace of mind that they are being taken care of at all times.

Kaylyn Hawkins

Business/ Finance Manager, All Families Surrogacy, LLC
From the beginning, Roland and his team have been responsive, accommodating, and efficient. We appreciate the ability to offer direct deposit to our clients to keep in line with the times and expectations of those we serve. We appreciate you guys!

Jennifer Nelson

Owner, An Angel’s Gift Egg Donation Agency
I wanted to let you know I am really enjoying the new platform. I love being able to log in and see all of my matches in one spot, and the approval/denial request emails are awesome! Keep up the good work.


Coordinator, Chicago Agency
My husband and I have been working with Roland S. Salloum, Esquire at SeedTrust Escrow for our surrogacy journey. The system this agency uses is electronic and allows you to easily access and review disbursement requests as well as a ledger, which includes payments disbursed in real time. It is very user-friendly and enables our surrogate to upload requests for reimbursements easily. My husband and I then receive an email requesting approval before any funds are dispersed. One we approve, our surrogate receives payment typically within 24 hours. Roland is very knowledgeable and is always available to answer questions. We strongly recommend him and SeedTrust Escrow, and our surrogate feels the same.


Intended Parent

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