The benefits of working with SeedTrust Escrow instead of an Attorney or Agency for management of your third-party fertility funds

An Escrow Fund Manager protect all of the parties.

In some States, it is illegal for agencies to hold escrow for their intended parents. It poses a conflict of interest since they have matched you with a surrogate and/or egg donor. SeedTrust is an independent, neutral party and is highly specialized in ART escrow. We pose no conflict of interest since we protect all of the parties involved throughout the entire journey and do not represent just one side.

Enlisting the services of a fund manager vs. a fund holding company benefits all parties.

SeedTrust’s client service, legal and accounting teams review your specific legal contract and create a payment calendar to coincide with the language pertaining to payment disbursements in your contract. Once pregnancy is confirmed, all of the relevant parties have access to the calendar and know exactly when the disbursements will be paid to your surrogate. This simplifies the process and provides full financial transparency along the way. Having a clear and concise contract is critical for a fund manager.  For fund holding, a contract is not necessary, as the fund holder is merely disbursing at the request of the paying party.

An Escrow Fund Manager takes on the liability.

SeedTrust accepts liability when we manage your escrow case. If a mistake is made, we accept responsibility. In most cases, we simply absorb the cost of the mistake because we understand how complicated this process is; your satisfaction is what matters most to us.

Every case is has a dedicated and experienced escrow team.

At SeedTrust, our goal is to offer you the highest level of care and expertise throughout your journey. You will have full online transparency and are able review ledger statements, disbursement data and the associated documentation on our HIPAA-compliant platform anytime you wish. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Your funds are fully insured.

SeedTrust is a licensed escrow provider and every dollar held in escrow is fully bonded and insured. SeedTrust’s insurance coverage provides the highest level of security and protection available. SeedTrust client funds are fully insured with a $40 million bond! In the majority of escrow theft or misappropriation cases, the owners of the escrow holding company were to blame. Our insurance bond even protects intended parents if any SeedTrust employee misappropriates funds. Full background checks have been completed on every employee and our bond covers in ANY theft related losses. This is a guarantee that very few escrow companies can offer.