Top 5 Financially Fit Friday Posts

In this week’s Financially Fit Friday we have rounded up the Top 5 posts, which cover everything from the adoption tax credit to using HSA’s for your surrogacy.

What You Need to Know About the Adoption Tax Credit and Surrogacy.

Q:  My partner and I will be having our first child via surrogate in a few weeks. We have heard one of us can file [...]

7 Expert Tips on How to Save for Surrogacy

Q: I'm reading everywhere that surrogacy costs can be upwards of $75,000. How can my partner and I start saving for this?  --Robert N. A:  Hi Robert, [...]

Using Your FSA and HSA for Surrogacy Expenses

Q: Can we use a FSA or HSA for our surrogacy medical expenses? ---Charles E. A: Hi Charles, This is a great question and one that [...]

Considering Surrogacy? Why You Should Be Using a Third-Party Escrow Company

There are a lot of moving parts involved in the surrogacy process. From the parents-to-be to the surrogate, there are numerous parties involved that have [...]

Is Egg Donation Taxable Income?

Q: I recently donated my eggs and received over $5,000 but under $15,000. The agency never gave me a W-9, do I have to pay [...]

Every Friday, CPA and Co-Founder of SeedTrust, Edward Brockschimdt, will focus on “financial fitness” by answering the most commonly asked financial and tax questions relating to surrogacy and egg-donation.

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