Protecting Your Surrogate Compensation by Using an Independent Surrogacy Escrow Provider

Helping another family have a baby through surrogacy is an amazing act of kindness and generosity. While there is a great deal of altruism involved in becoming a surrogate, there is also an expectation of compensation in return for the sacrifices and commitment that you will make. As part of a collaborative reproductive arrangement, it is important to have an independent third-party escrow agent handle the funds to protect your best interests.

I am Denise Steele with SeedTrust Escrow. As a mother who built my family through third-party fertility, I can appreciate the incredible journey you’re about to embark on. Your gift to intended parents is an immense offering and your compensation should be paid on time and in accordance with the terms you agreed upon.

Escrow providers are not all the same. As a surrogate, you have the right to request that your funds are handled by an independent third party who is impartial and protects your best interests by ensuring that your compensation is disbursed according to your contract.

Prevent conflicts of interest

If your agency or your intended parent’s attorney manages the escrow fund, it creates a conflict of interest. For this reason, in some states, it is actually illegal for agencies to hold escrow for their intended parents. And when the escrow fund is managed by the same law firm the Intended Parents chose to represent them in the drafting of the surrogacy agreement, the attorneys are legally required to act in the Intended Parents’ best interests, not yours.

SeedTrust doesn’t represent either party, which allows us to remain completely unbiased and ensures that we are able to provide fair treatment to everyone involved. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure all of your contracts, financial records, and agreements are secured before you embark on this journey.

Ensure that your compensation is secure

A valid concern of many surrogates is “How can I be sure that my compensation will be paid?” If theft or misuse of funds occurs by an escrow provider who is not bonded, you could be left with no way to receive your money and nothing to show for your incredible act of kindness.

SeedTrust is fully insured and bonded. Our $40 million dollar bond secures every dollar we hold or manage, so you never have to worry about not receiving your well-deserved compensation.

Get paid on time

Another concern you may have is making sure you get paid on time. For years, the surrogacy escrow process was complicated, antiquated, and frustrating. Surrogates dealt with late payments, slow reimbursements, and a lack of transparency.

At SeedTrust, we believe in open lines of communication. Our experienced, friendly, and responsive staff are here to help you at every stage of your journey.

See everything online in real-time

Your payment schedule will be established according to the terms of your gestational surrogate agreement and payments will automatically be direct deposited into your bank account – no waiting for checks to arrive or for funds to clear once the check is deposited. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your payments will always be received on-time and be available to you immediately.

Our confidential and easy-to-use online portal ensures that all payments are managed and distributed securely and on schedule, with communication and support throughout the process. All your documents and transactions are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our one-page scheduled payment calendar allows you to see exactly what payments are coming your way and when.

Choosing an escrow company that specializes in ART Escrow and is an independent third-party, like SeedTrust, removes the pressure of keeping track of your compensation and reimbursement payments and allows you to focus on your health and personal needs throughout this incredible journey!