Meet SeedTrust Escrow’s Surrogate Escrow Guide

One of the many things that sets SeedTrust apart from its competition is our commitment to raising the bar. SeedTrust prides itself on continually working to improve the escrow experience for everyone involved in the journey. We understand the critical role your surrogates play in your agency’s success and appreciate the trust and responsibility you bestow in us whenever you choose SeedTrust to manage the financial aspects of a journey. Mindful of that trust and responsibility, we strive to remain attentive to delivering the highest level of care and customer service to all of your clients — intended parents and surrogates alike.

It is out of that attention to detail that prompted us to create a new position in the SeedTrust family with the title of Surrogate Escrow Guide. While the Surrogate Escrow Guide is a new position, it is not a new service. With the goal of providing a consistent and exemplary experience to all your surrogates, we are shifting a set of duties from the responsibility of multiple Legal Managers to one specific individual who will specialize in helping surrogates understand how the SeedTrust escrow system works. This role will not change the way SeedTrust works with our agency partners or their surrogates, nor will it interfere with communication between the surrogate and her attorney. Further, this role will not provide legal, contract, or compensation advice.

Introducing Our Surrogate Escrow Guide

After a lengthy search, SeedTrust is proud to announce that Angel Forrest will act as our first Surrogate Escrow Guide. Angel brings an eager, full heart and over fifteen years of customer service experience to the role. We feel fortunate to count her among the SeedTrust Family and can’t wait to see the difference her contribution will make for your surrogates and their journey as a whole.

How will the Surrogate Escrow Guide role enhance your escrow experience?

The purpose of the role of our Surrogate Escrow Guide is to make sure the Surrogates understand the process, know how to navigate the Dashboard, and understand who to reach out to with their questions about the portal and the disbursement request process.

During onboarding, the Surrogate Escrow Guide will welcome them to the Dashboard, answer any questions they may have about the SeedTrust portal, and walk them through the disbursement request submission process (if they are to submit their own disbursement requests).

Once a heartbeat is confirmed, the Surrogate Escrow Guide will connect with the surrogate to ensure she knows how to view her scheduled payment calendar in the SeedTrust portal.

At the end of the journey, the Surrogate Escrow Guide will seek the surrogate’s feedback on their overall experience and satisfaction with the SeedTrust.

Please Note: Legal Managers will remain the sole point of contact for contract-related issues.

We value your input and strive to incorporate it into everything we do. If you should have any questions about the role our Surrogate Escrow Guide plays in the surrogacy journey, please feel free to contact us at any time.